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Cute Teen Dresses up For You

February 28th, 2012

Teens dressing up and posing

Cute amateur teens are usually the most receptive when it comes to dressing up for pics. This girl has some pretty wild hair colour, which is fine, because it makes her really, really sexy. She has a sort of emo look to her, which is balanced by her cute face paint. She definitely makes that “cat look” sexy, especially with such a cute, petite little body. If you think this alt girl is hot, you should see some of the other gorgeous young naked girls inside of ObsessedWithMyself. Amateur girls are so much better than professional models, for so many reasons!

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Gorgeous Amateur Teen With Perfect Breasts

February 2nd, 2012

Sexy self shot pics of cute teens

This cute teen is completely amazing from every angle. Her petite body is the stuff the teen fantasy is made of, and the look on her face shows you just how into this posing she really is. She makes great use of black and white, it makes her look even classier than she already is! I like how in the second picture, she’s slowly reaching down for her pussy, completely teasing the cum right out of any guy lucky enough to look at her. Head over to ObsessedWithMyself to see thousands of young naked girls.

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Teens With Natural Big Tits

January 5th, 2012

Busty teens show off their titties

These busty teen girls are everything a teen girl could ever hope to be. Sexy as hell, with big, amazing boobs. Young naked girls with tits like these are a rare find these days, as most women are turning to terrible looking fake breasts. These boobs are natural, and will move and bounce as such. I love how skinny and petite these babes are, because it makes their breasts all the more amazing. Out of proportion? Maybe. Natural? Hell yes! You’ll find plenty of perfect natural breasts inside of ObsessedWithMyself, the site for guys like you and me who loved naked amateur babes!

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Skinny Teen Takes Pics For Her Boyfriend

December 5th, 2011

User submitted girlfriend pics

Amateur girlfriends are always so much sexier than the average pornstar. Unlike pornstar’s, amateur girls like this fine babe are actually sexy without ten pounds of makeup on their face! If you love amateur girlfriends as much as I do, check out ObsessedWithMyself, where the only thing featured is sexy, beautiful amateur girls. This girl has amazing breasts, so perky and natural, just the way they should be. Even when she’s wearing clothes, this girl is hotter than most young naked girls. With so many amateur babes to chose from inside of ObsessedWithMyself, you will probably find yourself overwhelmed!

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Amateur Busty Teen Shows Off Her Puppies

November 5th, 2011

Big breasted amateur teens

Many of the girls featured here are very petite, and often have smaller breasts as well. This girl is the exact opposite. She has a bit of meat on her, and it is in all the right places! Imagine lying on your back as this girl rides your hard cock, her big supple breasts bouncing up and down with every penetration. Young naked girls like this evoke images of the past, when a woman was expected to have curves. Check out all this meaty teen’s pics inside of ObsessedWithMyself. I mean really, just look at those amazing boobs!

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Shy Teen Hides Her Face But Shows Off Her Body

October 4th, 2011

Shy teens love attention

This shy teen girl just couldn’t bring herself to show her face. But she does show us her amazing body in all of its glory. Her tight, petite little ass is great, and those star tattoo’s are almost tramp stamps, but not quite. This is a very petite girl, who looks very fit and athletic, a great combination if there ever was one. Her desire to show off her body in a sexy little bikini only makes things that much hotter! Check out everyone’s favorite young naked girls inside of ObsessedWithMyself, the site were amateur babes expose themselves!

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Blonde Teen Plays With a Dildo

September 6th, 2011

Amateur teens getting off

Watching a sexy teen explore her body is always fun, especially when she’s as hot as this girl is. Her self shot photos are very well done, and so is her desire to get off using her dildo. The absolute best part about this is those eyes on her. The way she looks at you as she’s getting off is hard to miss, mostly because it is so sexy. There are lots of young naked girls inside of ObsessedWithMyself, from the best girl next door type of babes, to very sexy, very kinky teens showing off their body for the first time.

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Petite Teen Babe Shows Off Her Amazing Body

August 10th, 2011

Petite amateur teens posing naked

This is one of the sexiest little brunette teens you will ever see. Her body is amazing, with great curves, and a world class tight little ass. Young naked girls that tease before they please are always fun to watch. You can find more of this girl, and thousands of others, inside of Obsessed WithMyself. These are some of the sexiest amateur girls online, so you can be sure that you will love all of them just as much as you love this fine teen. There is something about this teen that drives people wild… I hope you enjoy her!

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Sexy Girl Next Door Gets Naked

July 8th, 2011

Amateur girls exposing themselves

This sexy blonde girl has a great girl next door look to her, which makes her nude pictures all the more enticing. She has a great set of natural tits, too, which look great through her shirt. I like he she looks right through the camera, into your eyes as she’s getting naked. Her pussy is amazing as well, so perfect and moist for you. Young naked girls like this are few and far between, unless you get access to ObsessedWithMyself, it’s a great amateur girlfriend site, definitely worth checking out. Watching this amateur sweetheart strip is a good way to wind down a day.

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Sexy Girlfriend Shows Off Her Pussy

June 6th, 2011

Self shot pics of amateur babes

This sexy, amateur girlfriend has been taking self shot pics and uploading them to ObsessedWithMyself for a long time. If you love amateur babes showing off, you should check the site out of you get a chance. This girl has an amazing little body, so firm and petite. Her pussy is really sexy as well, and unlike most women, she’s always happy to show it off! She takes these great pussy shots for you, so enjoy them, because that is what she wants you to do. Young naked girls with great, tight pussies are always a good day to end a stressful day.

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Skinny Girls Get Naked For The First Time

May 7th, 2011

Amateur babes posting nude pics

It’s very rare to come across an amateur girl who will actually do nude pictures, let alone admit to it. The sexy amateur girlfriend’s inside of ObsessedWithMyself are all about getting attention. That’s why they post pics of themselves, complete with clear views of their face, for the whole world to see. Exhibitionist women are always trying new ways to get noticed. If you want to see amateur babes who you to see them naked, check out ObsessedWithMyself, the best amateur babe site online. Girl’s like these two young naked girls are the norm, rather than the exception.

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The Girl Next Door Exposes Herself

April 7th, 2011

Amateur girls expose themselves

This amateur girl next door teen is all about showing off her petite little body. Ever since she first posted some of her hot pictures on ObsessedWithMyself, she has been getting hammered with requests to post more revealing stuff, and she’s responded! Her amazing little body is really sexy, and has curves in all the right places. Her perky little breasts are just icing on the cake, really. Young naked girls are what ObsessedWithMyself does best, so don’t miss out on one of the best amateur girlfriend websites online! There are thousands of sexy girlfriends just dying for you to look at them!

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Naked Teen Plays With Her Pussy

March 4th, 2011

Sexy teens expose themselves

This brunette teen has no problems taking her top off on the beach. She’ll even get completely naked once she’s somewhere a bit more private. With her boyfriend taking pictures, she plays with her tight, pretty pussy for him as he snaps some sexy shots. Amateur, young naked girls that are willing to do some sexy private pictures for their boyfriends are always shocked when they find their pictures inside of ObsessedWithMyself, the site where amateur girlfriend’s are exposed to the entire world for the first time. Girls like this are common, and oh so very sexy!

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